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FYI, Intro post Aug. 11th, 2029 @ 06:07 am

I'm presuming that you already know me. If you don't and are interested, feel free to comment, ask, whatever. I love to meet new people!

This is a catch-all journal encompassing all aspects of my life (hence the ME! title). It has and will continue to evolve with me.
As of this writing (06-2008) I've got it set to my twitter feed which spams posts everyday. Can't change the everyday part yet so you're gonna have to live with it. Filter it out or do whatever you need to do. If comeone complains hard enough I'm willing to establish a seperate twitter journal.
So anyhow
Prior to twitter this journal was more about keeping up with friends/people/groups and not about posting my own content. I would post updates, the occasional poetry, and some links.
Post-twitter this journal does a few things, a) document my web-meanderings b) document bon mots and c) whatever the hell else I can think of. Despite the spammy nature of Loudtwitter I feel that the benefits outweigh the negatives.
After experimenting with loudtwitter, I'm not entirely happy with the results. Perhaps if I could do a weekly or monthly post of tweets...In any case I've turned loudtwitter off and resumed my normal tactic of very occasional posting.

Happy Reading Y'all!
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I should be going to sleep... Aug. 21st, 2009 @ 12:26 am
But I'm not. This post has waited too damn long. So anyhow, I'm back in New Orleans from Canada+Worldcon. I arrived home Tuesday afternoon and hit the ground running snoozing. Seriously, I slept 13 hours that night after picking up a night shift at the Guest House that night. Been trying to catch up with, getting the guest house straight, telling people about how wonderfulcandidia is (I've told that story like 10 times now) and in general catching up on things. Card game night last night went off without a hitch and was a lot of fun. Might jsut talk to K about making it a regular everyone cool can join kind of thing. I got paid for the cell phone account I operate so I've got spending money, Gonna buy groceries tomorrow. Things are well.

Oh and people are talking about my Tie Cloak that I wore at Worldcon. I got lucky and caught kylecassidy taking pictures for a project of his. The cloak is only about half-done but the effect is turning out wonderful.

Oh and a very big hi to all of my new lj friends! Welcome!

Pictures under the cutCollapse )
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Watch out everybody! May. 19th, 2009 @ 08:19 pm
I now have a hot-plate, a large electric griddle, a gigantic electric cooking surface that is full of awesome sauce!
.Ooooh yeah! 'sides which my crock pot cake turned out well. I love cooking sometimes...

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Feb. 23rd, 2009 @ 07:59 pm
I'm alive, completely skipping parades today even though they pass a block form my house. I'm in a writing mood, finishing up correspondence and workin on a piece or two that I can hopefully submit for publication.

Some notes:

Gayle Rubin is awesome and yet incredibly limited.

I found an Ivo dominguez jr. ref in Coyle's Evolutionary Witchcraft (p. 124)

Other than that, all I wanted to say is that I'm doing well.

Thanks y'all
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O Musa, may I now sing?: an insomniacs non sequitor Nov. 11th, 2008 @ 02:15 am
I figure I should probably rehabilitate this thing...this journal of mine. For a while there I was contemplating what the use is being on here. The use I mean besides a website within which to read others writing. Indeed my paucity of posts is why I linked my journal to twitter in the first place. I hope y'all enjoyed my twitter posts. They helped rejuvenate my voice. I guess I enjoyed the change of format or somesuch. Whatever the case, I now feel the urge to write. After so loong without it I'm glad to have it back. Lets hope this lasts. For now I guess I'll see all of y'all around.

I think I was lying in that last paragraph. I'm not done with this entry. Not sure what I want to say however. I could update y'all with the many many facets of my life. I could treat y'all with a story rough draft that is as yet only a glimmer of electricity in my head. I'm rather overwhelmed by the possibilities at this point. I guess that word, overwhelmed is as good a place to start with as any.

I've spent much time overwhelmed. Overwhelmed by emotion. Overwhelmed by the choices I face, by circumstances, and by forces at play internally and externally.

I've also spent much time on the day to day one step at a time type stuff. Daily life ya know. I've spent a lot of time avoiding that which I could not and did not want to face. i've also spent a lot of time attempting to force my self into a mold of what I thought I outta be. I've also spent a great deal of time giving to others in order to feel my worth internally validated.

In many ways I'm still working through those issues referenced above. I'm changing my mental landscape. Incrementally fighting-healing psychic damage along the way. I am more the person I want to be than ever.  And you know what? I love my self more than ever.

Go Me!

One other thing, I couldn't have gotten this far without inspiration. Inspiration from my fiends, from those I admire, and from those that I call my family. To name a few in very little order: Raven Kaldera, docbrite , tcgtrf , mosno , edwarddain , elements , foxfire , daddyrhon , kitsunegeek , tacit , eleccham , dentage , inki , barbarakitten_t , phoenixprime  and many many others not mentioned.

Sleepy now so I figure I'll end this entry. Here's to hoping that it'll be the first fo many many more.
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